ptolemaios corp.

wagahai is a cat. There are no names yet.
Miate doesn’t thrust at where he was born with ton (And, oh.) I memorize the fact length by which NIYANIYA cried and was here at the damp place where everything is dim and am here. It was begun by wagahai HAKO and a human question bran thing was seen. That zen () will be also heard later, that’s most ferocious in the student question bran man (UAKU), it’s ATSUTA SAU by the race. ho (A stem, oh.) sometimes passes and boils us, and the one of the kore student question bran is the bran fact that a food is thick. But, from which question bran kou (A can passes.) wafer cake containing bean jam ivy sonotouji is fearful especially, omoi is the inside ivy. What it’s when tada () was put on his palm (palm) and lifted with Sue, FUHAFUHA, feeling, a ari ivy house (stupidity) is RI. Seen one washes student’s face in kenshi of so-called (IHAYURU) human question bran (start of seeing) a little calmly on the palm. koretokimyou, that it’s a thing, omoi ivy feeling, there is a zan connection even now. The first hair, i, please, a face of power possibility is decorated and is smooth and is a kettle (And, it isn’t eaten.) by a circle. In sononochineko, a lot, hou ivy, there is never a shutsukai () odd fact in such one circle. Whole Makoto of a kayuki (as well as) face is prominent, and is in yo RI. I do that and sometimes play PUU PUU and smoke (smoking) from the inside in sonoana. Somehow nodo (MU), SEPOKU, please, in jitsu, jaku ivy. That right is the smoke grass (cigarette) question bran thing man drinks, gradually, konogoro (these days) chi ivy.